Star Wars Valentines Day: The Search For More Love

Star Wars is back! A lot of us fans gave up the franchise for a while. The magic was gone for so many of us until Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas. What better way to celebrate than celebrating your love for Star Wars  and your SO?! Create a new holiday: Star Wars Valentines Day!

Instead of exchanging chocolates, you exchange lightsabers. In stead of leaving cards, you leave stickers for your preferred faction. It’ll be so romantic!

Star Wars Valentines Day: The Search For More Love

Look, there’s a federal law that says I must at least mention a lightsaber. Everyone’s going to get the standard looking one we’ve since Episode 4, so get the fancy new one with quillons. Just get one. Maybe not this one but at least one. You know you want to. You know you are going to.


Rey. Robots. Jedi. Lightsaber. Possibly Luke’s daughter. Sith (probably). Rey was written to be a badass from the start when writing began in mid-2012. Now you can look like her. I can imagine a special lady with doey brown eyes peering from under this veil. You know you’ve thought about it. 😉


In case the Rey outfit is not your speed, here’s a traditional cute R2D2 sleeveless dress. Sexy, too. Sexy? On Valentines? Star Wars Valentines Day? Seeing R2D2 like this may leave you with feelings you didn’t know you had.


Super cool Star Wars jacket that allows you to dress up in a costume every day of the year, including Valentine’s Day. Get two so you match with your special someone. You can both pretend to be flying a Tie Figher, out in public, even. Just keep the sound effects down to aminimum!


Biz-cas-Fri Pollo featuring Bobba Fett. Even a mercenary has to maintain a certain decorum around the office. Most of a mercenary’s job is getting paperwork straightened out. You ever have to pay Mandalorians on a 1099 basis? Not fun.


Best way to a woman’s heart? Cooking for her. Fastest? Have R2D2 help you.


Look, I’m not going to lie to you. This is an actual purse that an adult is expected to carry. However, it’s orange colors are a bit garish but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? This item is meant for advanced Star Wars fans only.


Carry your love with this Bag of Holding for Star Wars fans!


Force choke the chef. No, wait! It’s the other way around.


Your relationship with your SO might be a bit more barbed but reset assured the barbing is meant well. It certainly has to be better than Luke’s relationship with Leia in Episode 4. Each of you carries a half of this pendant and your love will find each other because of romance and not micro-organisms living in your blood stream.

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