Top 10 Best Bacon Gifts, and how did bacon get so popular?

What may seem at first like a joke gift is actually a very useful bacon-related treasure trove. Appetizers and entrees include sandwiches, soups and salads, which all have a fun, modern spin on the mouth-watering ingredient. This book also offers dessert recipes for at-home chefs whose cuisine sensibilities are both refined and adventurous. The recipes found in this cookbook can be used for gatherings such as late-night cocktail parties, double dates and dinner parties. Make a night of it with a three-course meal featuring the Bacon Crackers as an appetizer, the Chicken Bacon Barbecue Pizza as an entrée and the Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert!2. Kettle Brand Maple Bacon Potato Chips
If you love maple bacon as much as the next bacon-lover, you will not be able to stop munching on these salty chips that have a hint of sweet. These chips have a firm crunch with a strong bacon flavor and just the right amount of maple flavor to create that complementary salty-sweet sensation on your tongue. Think of the salty-sweetness of kettle corn kicked up a notch by the flavor of bacon lightly candied with maple syrup.3. Bacon Lover’s Gift Pack

Need some purpose in your life? Let the Good News Best Bacon Gifts into your heart and your arteries. These three bacon-flavored assortments are appropriate for adding some extra flavor to breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Maple Bacon Onion Jam can turn plain toast into a bacon-filled masterpiece. The Maple Bacon Aioli can give a simple deli meat sandwich a delectable touch, and the Boozy Bacon Barbecue Sauce comes in handy when you want to heighten the flavor of your favorite barbecue chicken recipe. This three-item package makes a great gift for friends who are foodies or who just love bacon.

4. Accoutrements Bacon Wallet

You didn’t think we couldn’t get through a Best Bacon Gifts guide without this, did you? If you or a friend has a special affinity for bacon, then the Accoutrements Bacon Wallet is right for you. Show the world how much you love bacon with this ironic wallet that appears to have slices of bacon as the outer material. Use this item as a gag gift or use it yourself as a great conversation starter to help break the ice on a date. The wallet is ecofriendly as it is made out of recycled paper, and it is fully functional.

5. Bacon Bandages

These hilarious, fully functional bandages have the appearance of cooked bacon. Don’t make these bandages less visible by wrapping them around your finger for a papercut. Instead, show off your bacon pride by slapping them on your arms and legs so the world can see. Aside from the realistic color and design of these bandages, you also get the shape of bacon; these bandages are cut to have the imperfect edges of real bacon.

6. Bacon Pop Bacon Flavored Microwave Popcorn

Bacon can be added to any treat you already love. In this case, the salty, porky flavor of bacon is in your popcorn. Whip this novelty out when you stay at home to watch a movie with your friends. Before you bring it out, they may ask you if you made bacon. Tell them you made something more movie-appropriate, and make sure everyone has some to go around. The best part is that it really tastes like bacon. Include this in a movie-ticket gift basket for a bacon-lover instead of regular old popcorn. It is a treat that is sure to delight.

7. Accoutrements Mr. Bacon Bendable Action Figure

The truth is that you need everyone at your office to know how much you love bacon. Set up this figurine at your desk, and pose him any way you would like. At just over 5 and half inches tall, this novelty toy pleases and entertains. If you decide not to take Mr. Bacon out and bend his limbs into the funniest fighting stance you can think of, you can keep him in the box for a great bacon-themed collectors’ item.

8. Accoutrements Bacon Soap in Tin

This bar of soap really smells like bacon, and it makes you smell like bacon when you use it. This desirable smell will make you irresistible to your love interest (as long as they are a fellow bacon lover). The intoxicating aroma of bacon will fill the bathroom every morning when you use it, bringing you peace, contentment and an appetite for breakfast. This bacon-themed product is the perfect way to let the world know how much you love bacon.

9. Accoutrements Bacon Air Freshener

Because the smell of bacon is so mouthwatering, you probably want to keep it in your car. This bacon air freshener actually smells like sizzling bacon, and it is the best option to go with after you have had your car washed and vacuumed. It works as a funny gift for a friend who wants an appetite-inducing car scent, and it can even be used for white elephant or as an aromatic stocking stuffer.

10. Accoutrements Bacon Lip Balm

If you suffer from chronically chapped lips and a weakness for the flavor of bacon, then this bacon lip balm is the right cure for you. You will be able to taste bacon all day long while simultaneously maintaining moisturized, smooth lips. This lip balm can be applied as often as you need it for your lips or whenever you need a bacon flavor fix. Beware that dogs may think it is edible, so keep it out of their reach.

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