Top 10 Best Math Geek Gifts they’ll love!

Why do people do math? Is it just one of those things humans do, like write poetry, make art or sing? Math does not lie to us. To paraphrase Bertrand Russel, “Mathematics … possesses not only truth but … a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture”.  I think math geeks don’t do math because they love it. In fact, Math geeks do math because they don’t love it but because they just want to solve the problems. They want to understand the implications. So, I made a list for getting math geek gifts!

Al-Khwarizmi invented algebra, and his Latinized name is where we get ‘algorithm’. He would totally love The Best Math Geek Gifts

Math Geek Gifts!

Mathematics is the language of not only the universe but our daily lives. Matt Parker, a Mathematician, shows us the subtle ways that math allows us to see in different and new ways that the universe has in store in it’s wiley patterns.


Euclid’s Elements is a foundational work that any math geek will want to read. This illustrated guide makes intuitive sense of how and what Euclid was saying. This book was originally published more than 160 years ago. The digital scans and diagrams are fastidiously recreated. Any math geek will want this book; it is fundamental to the entirety of Western civilization and thought.


This is a machine that emulates the Enigma encryption machine from World War 2. The entire construction is made from wood. Letters are finely etched onto the teeth. Two sizes available.


Roger Penrose is a renowned mathematician. In this book, Dr Penrose tries to summarize all known mathematics and physics about our universe. Easy! This book is dense, however, this book really does cover every topic we know about the universe in which we live.


The study of analysis is the point where most math students transition from using math to really understanding it. You can start to answer questions such as, “What is a field?” This book is by far the best book for this area of study.


Before we had general electronic computers we had purely mechanical machines. In Harmonic Analyzer, we get to examine in detail a machine that calculates Fourier Analysis. In the companion website, we can see Bill Hammick (The Engineer Guy) give a detailed analysis of this machine, explaining all of the components. Take a look below:



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