Top 10 Best Remote Control Helicopters Reviews 2018

Do you have a robust fun-loving kid with a passion for aviation? Are you looking for a suitable present for his or her upcoming birthday? Whilst practical toys such as bicycles, books, and clothing are good, consider buying a remote control (RC) helicopter, if you want to have a positive impact on your child during his or her birthday. Here are three reasons why: first, RC helicopters are fan to play with. Compared to balls and other toys, your child will enjoy hours of game play when out of school, which stimulates physical, mental, and cognitive development. Second, even though RC helicopters are mechanical toys with spinning mechanical parts, they are safe, and thus, suitable for regular game play. Finally, they are cost effective, relatively easy to use, and attainable in a myriad of styles and designs that will satisfy your child’s gaming needs. To help you make an informed decision when out buying, this article reviews, in detail, the features of the top 10 best brand in 2018 and the benefits of buying each.

10. Haktoys 2018 HAK377 Dragonfly RC Helicopter

Haktoys HAK377 is a unique mini RC helicopter that works better that many bigger and powerful models. Its dragonfly design is aesthetic. It is also aerodynamic and powered using a durable rechargeable battery offering approximately seven to 10 minutes of flight time. It has a flight range of approximately 100 feet, perfect from playing both indoors and outdoors, and is currently one of the most flexible RC helicopters around. Its sturdy plastic construction is durable. Finally, it lacks toxic chemicals, has a gyroscope, and uses an intelligent RC system that smooths hovering performance and precise 360 directional movements. Off the box, this Haktoys dragonfly RC helicopter is ready to fly. Simply load its remote with the required six 1.5-volt AA alkaline batteries and you are ready to explore outdoors and indoors.

9. UDI U13A 3 RC Helicopter

For fun loving people who have a few dollars to spend on a RC helicopter for themselves and or their kids and want a functional durable model with a ton of interesting features, only a few models rival this U13A3 model by UDI. Its metal alloy construction is light, durable, and can withstand a couple of accidents without damaging. Its 2.4GHz motor, on the other hand, is powerful and enables you to cruise the skies at high speeds. It also enables you to turn mid-air, steer backwards, and even turn anticlockwise or clockwise without falling off the sky. If you are into aerial photography, this RC helicopter has a functional video camera that you can use to capture stunning photographs and videos easily. Finally, it has a fly-bar and three-axis gyro for stability and an over-current protection technology for safety.

8. WLtoys V912 4CH RC Helicopter

WLtoys V9124 is a large (around 53 centimeters long) single-blade RC helicopter that flies for around eight minutes on full charge. Its well-built body is durable. Its motor is power full and supports a range of aerial maneuvers up to around 100 meters of flight altitude. For instance, with a bit of practice, you can cruise fast in the sky without losing control. You can also fly backwards, turn right or left, and do aerial 360-degree turns easily. Its transmitter uses four AA batteries and has an LCD screen that eases usage, while the built-in Gyro support stabilizes this helicopter when flying.

7. Drift King Indoor RC Helicopter

Contrary to what many people think, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a RC helicopter to get a functional design that works well for long. For instance, although cost-effective, this Drift King RC helicopter is among the best indoor designs in 2018. It has two forward speeds. It also does simple left, right, up, and down movements to complicated drift maneuvers easily, and with minimal effort. Its remote is a functional four-channel model, while its twin main blades, connector buckle, and a tail blade boost stability.

6. Syma S026G Mini Chinook RC Helicopter

In top 10 best remote control helicopter reviews 2018 that people have posted online, the sigma line of RC helicopters is among the most liked and recommended brands for many reasons. First, it is light and easy to use. Its in-built auto stability system is also functional and eases control further. Next, its sturdy and well-built body is durable, streamlined, and can withstand a lot of abuse without stalling or falling apart. Finally, its flexibility makes it a fun toy to have at home. You can steer it forward at high speed for around six to seven minutes. You can also steer it backwards, left, right, and complicated 360 degree spins amongst other drills.

5. Syma S109G RC Helicopter

As the Syma S026G mini RC helicopter reviewed herein this S109G model is a durable, high performance model that outperforms many high-end brands in many ways. First, its well-built rechargeable lithium polymer (Li-Poly) battery driven brushed motor is powerful and durable. It works well in all environments (temperate and cold). Its stable flight characteristics are functional. They also ease usage significantly, making it a suitable model for both beginners and experienced users. Finally, it is aesthetic, uses a sensitive 3.5 channel remote control, and stays in the air for 5 to 6 minutes.

4. Syma S107G 3CH Gyro RC Helicopter

This 2012 edition of the RC Toys Village’s Syma S107G3CH gyro RC helicopter ranks sixth on our list. Its characteristic dark theme is aesthetic and appeals to people of various ages. Its built-in battery charges faster and powers it for around eight to 12 minutes while in the air. Its stabilization system is innovative and has an adjustable trimming control that eases uses significantly, while its full three channel range of motion (forward and backwards, left, and right) makes it one of the most fun models to play with. Syma S107G 3CH is affordable and comes ready to steer off the box.

3. Syma S107G 3.5C RC Helicopter with Gyro

On our top 10 list, key features that have earned this 3.5 channel S107G Syma helicopters ranks third for the following reasons: first, because of its streamlined design, array of stability flight characteristic, and sensitive infrared remote control, this helicopter is easy to fly. It also supports a range of motions, is durable, and has a brushed electric motor that is very durable.

2. Syma S102G RC Helicopter

Syma S102G RC helicopter ranks second on our list. It is light, durable, and has aesthetic uniform dimensions. Its powerful motor and integrated intelligent RC technology supports a range of motions. Its built-in lithium polymer battery is also powerful and recharges faster via USB ports.

1. Syma S111G RC Helicopter

As per our review, Syma S111G is the best RC in 2018. It has a powerful-brushed motor. It also has several stable flight characteristics, a powerful lithium polymer battery that offers five to eight minutes of flight time, and an intelligent RC system that supports a range of flight motions (right, left, backward, forward, and more. It is also cost effective, durable, and like other Syma models of RC helicopters, comes ready to fly off the box.

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