Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioners 2018 Reviews

In today’s modern homes where space is limited and power consumption is a concern, window air conditioners have replaced their larger for many reasons. First, most models are small, compact, and highly portable. They are also cheaper and energy efficient, low maintenance, and do not require any special skills to install well and use. If you are loving in a temperate environment and looking for the best window air conditioner 2018 that will serve well for long, ten innovative models come to mind. Read on to learn about their key features and reasons they are worth buying.

10. New Lifesmart LS-WAC5

Tenth on our list New Lifesmart LS-WAC5 is a 5,000 BTU window mount air conditioner that is suitable for both office and home use. It is compact, sturdy, and cools rooms up to 150 square feet well. It is also lightweight, very easy to setup using standard household tools, and has a multi-directional vent system that regulates heat well while keeping energy consumption low (9.7 energy efficiency rate). This New Lifesmart LS-WAC5 window air conditioner has three-fan speed and three cool speeds, uses an Eco-friendly refrigerant, and importantly, has a functional slide-out side filter that is easy to clean and replaces once it is worn out.

9. Friedrich CP06G10A

Friedrich’s CP06G10A window mount air conditioner is a stylish 115-volt machine that keeps approximately 250 square feet of room cool and habitable. It generates 6,000 BTU, is Energy Star rated, and has a stylish visually appealing design that can complement decor in contemporary living spaces well. Other major features that have won it a spot in top 10 best window air conditioner 2018 reviews are: 1) Auto air sweep system – once installed and fired up, this air conditioners auto air sweep system distributes air evenly for an even cooling experience. 2) 24-hour timer – to help save energy Friedrich has incorporated an easy-to-use 24-hour timer on this air conditioner that you can program to auto shut it off when you are not around. It has three cooling speeds, works quietly in the background when cooling, and has a digital remote control.

8. Frigidaire Mini-Compact Conditioner

As its name suggests, this Frigidaire wall mounted air conditioner is among the smallest on this list. However, at 8,000 BTU, it is also one of the most powerful models around. Key features: 1) quick cool system – if you have a large room that you like cooling on demand, this brand might be the best for you. It powerful suction and quick cool system can lower the temperature of a 350 square foot room steadily and fast. 2) Dehumidifier – apart from cooling your office and or home, this air conditioner also dehumidifies air. 3) Air ionizer – with this conditioners air ionizer, impurities, pollen, and allergens will never contaminate the air in your living spaces. This lowers the risk of respiratory and other health problems.

7. LG Electronics LW7014HR

LG Electronics’ LW7014HR window mounted conditioner is the seventh best on our list. It is sturdy, durable, and has generates around 10,850 combined BTU (7000 normal heat source plus 3500 supplemental heating for temperatures above 45 degrees). It has two-fan speed, two heating speeds, and two cooling speeds, has a cooling capacity of 250 square feet, and can dehumidify up to 2.3 pints every hour. Finally, this window air conditioner has a 9.7 energy efficiency ratio, an anti-corrosion coating as protection, and a 4-way air deflection system for directing air as needed.

6. Frigidaire FFRL0633Q1

This 6,000 BTP by Frigidaire is a low profile high-performance model that works well in rooms up to 250 square feet in size. It is light and portable. Its low profile design works well on small windows and in rooms where owners want to create an ambient environment without blocking their treasured views. It also has a dehumidification feature (up to 1.3 pints per hour), four modes (sleep, cool, auto, and energy saver), and draws power from a long three-prong 6.5 foot long 115-volt electric cable. Its assembly kit is very easy to mount and is generally low maintenance for the life of this one-of-a-kind window-mounted air conditioner.

5. LG Electronics LW8014ER

With an energy star rating of 11.3 EER, LG Electronics’ LW8014ER is among the most power wall mounted models in 2018. It is also powerful (8000 BTU), has flexible speeds (three fan and three cooling speeds), and is effective in rooms up to 340 square feet in area. If you live in a humid environment, the dehumidification accessory fitted in this window mounting air conditioner removes up to 2.3 pints per hour, while its four-way air deflection system allows you to direct air as needed. Like other conditioners in LG’s franchise, LW8014ER has a gold fin anti-corrosion coating for durability, has a 24-hour on and off function, and draws power from a long 115-volt durable power cord.

4. Frigidaire FRA052XT7

Frigidaire FRA052XT7 is a well-built window air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 5000 BTU. It has two-way directional control, rotary controls, and an anti-bacterial mesh filter that improves air quality significantly. Its slide-out side filter access eases maintenance or replacement of damaged filters, while its low voltage start feature lowers power consumption and electricity bills. It is space efficient, works quietly, and thus, well worth the money.

3. Keystone KSTAW05A

This 5000 BTU Keystone air conditioner cools rooms up to 150 square feet. Its compact design is aesthetic, and has electronic well-designed electronic controls that ease usage. It has the fan, speeds, three cooling speeds; sleep, auto restart, and energy saver modes; and a programmable 24-hour timer that works well. Its mesh filters are durable and replaceable, while its LCD display system and remote eases its customization and usage further.

2. SPT WA-1211S

SPT WA-1211S ranks second best on our review. For its small and compact size, its 12000 BTU cooling capacity is impressive. It has three fan speeds, a washable and replaceable filter, and works at a temperature range of between 62 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Its runs quietly on the background and comes with an easy-to-use remote.

1. Bionaire BW2300

This Bionaire BW2300 twin fan is the best window air conditioner in 2018. It is compact and easy to set up. Its air exhaust system is innovative, while its in-built adjustable extender improves its compatibility with many window types and sizes (between 24 and 37-inches wide). Its programmable thermostat works well, while its 15-foot power cable allows you to install it from across the room. It has three speed settings, an electronically reversible air control system, and remote control that is responsive for far.

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