Top 10 Rolling Utility Carts 2018 Reviews

Rolling utility carts are novel household and commercial accessories that benefit users in many ways. For those that like gardening or moving heavy stuff often, these one of a kind accessories are durable, have high weight capacities, and smooth rolling systems that make transporting heavy stuff fun. For those with space limitations, racked models offers added storage space that people can use to store tools and other accessories and access them on demand. With the demand for utility carts at an all-time high, several notable brands are currently available online, with most models made of high performance accessories that never disappoint. However, for memorable results, our picks of the 10 best rolling utility carts to purchase in 2018 include:

10. DLUX Folding Rolling Cart

With a weight capacity of approximately 250 pounds, DLUX is a durable and heavy-duty rolling utility cart with a unique frame design that folds flat for easier storage and transportation. It is professional-grade, very easy to use indoors and outdoors, and has a large storage basket that accommodates both large and medium-sized accessories to save users valuable time that they would have otherwise wasted doing several trips. To lower hand and body fatigue, this cart has large tires that roll smoothly on all terrain. Whether you are looking for a utility cart for transporting groceries from your local store and or transporting gardening equipment, it will serve you well.

9. Luxor Adjustable Height Multipurpose AV/Utility Cart

Designed for transporting electronics and other household and commercial goods safely, Luxor is a well-made utility cart with a unique stacked design that offers tons of storage space. It is durable, has a sturdy steel frame that does not buckle nor lose its shape under pressure, and a low maintenance black-finished design that lasts long. This cart is CSA and UL-listed. It has three durable shelves each measuring 24-inches by 18-inches, and has four 4-inch smooth rolling caster wheels that swivel on all orientations for easier usage. Other notable attributes are its affordability, height adjustable design (24 to 42 inches), and its safety mats and dual locking brakes.

8. Rubbermaid Commercial FG452088BEIG

Best known for the new breed of household accessories that it has developed over the years, Rubbermaid is a reputable brand with durable and heavy-duty utility carts in its arsenal. If you are shopping for a new cart and want a commercial-grade model with a high standard of excellence, Rubbermaid Commercial FG452088BEIG is a valuable accessory. It is durable, professional-grade, and has a medium-sized dual-shelf system that offers tons of storage space to users. For those that work outdoors, this carts beige theme is very easy to maintain. Its heavy duty design withstands constant abuse, while its lipped shelves do not slip not lose their shape easily.

7. Alera 3-Tier Wire Rolling Cart

Measuring 16-inches by 26-inches by 39-inches, Alera is a large three-tier wire cart best liked for its light, portable, and smooth rolling design. It is also sturdy, has a low-maintenance black anthracite finishing, and an ergonomic design that does not require any tool to assemble or disassemble. This wire-rolling cart is NSF food equipment-certified. It handles dry and wet storage well, and has two adjustable shelves that you can use to transport two distinct set of products at the same time. You also get smooth rolling wheels, a responsive braking system, and a convenient stainless steel pull handle that eases usage.

6. Dbest Products Trolley Dolly

Dbest Products Trolley Dolly is an aesthetic blue-themed rolling utility cart made of a durable polyester denier material. It is water resistant, has a high weight capacity, and has a unique, high-performance design that folds flat for easier transportation and storage. It is space-efficient, recommended for both indoor and outdoor use, and has over-sized beefy wheels that cruise on both smooth and rugged terrain while minimizing hand fatigue at the same time. This way, you can haul heavy stuff to and from your home and or commercial establishment without developing back strain. You also get a comfortable handle, seven compartments/ pockets, and a bottle holder.

5. ECR4Kids MemoryStor Universal Rolling Cart and Organizer Set

ECR4Kids MemoryStor is a universal rolling cart and organizer set for kids with approximately 46 large compartments for storing binders, file, and letter-sized folders. It is durable, has smooth rolling rubber wheels that do not damage delicate flooring, and an ergonomic telescoping handle that extends by up to 23 inches and locks in three positions. Fully assembled, this organizer set measures 18-inches by 15.5-iches by 16-inches. It holds up to 65 pounds, has secure zippers for storing valuable, and a unique frame design that folds conveniently up to three inches thick for easier transportation and or storage. You will never regret purchasing an original model.

4. Metaltex USA Inc. 4-tier Rolling Cart

Portable, compact, and with an aesthetic four-tier design, Metaltex USA Inc. is an innovative rolling cart that offers tons of storage space for household and commercial accessories. It is durable, stable, and is made of a high-grade welded steel that supports colossal weight without losing its shape and or functionality over time. You also get an aesthetic polyurethane finish that does not rust nor chip over time, an easy to assemble design, and durable smooth-rolling nylon wheels that cruise on both smooth and rugged terrain. This cart is Italian-made and is an ideal accessory for creating additional storage space.

3. DecoBros Metal Mesh Rolling Cart

Popular in top 10 rolling utility carts 2018 reviews, DecoBros is a metallic rolling cart with a light and easy to use mesh construction. It is silver-themed, measures approximately 26.1-inches by 9.8-inches by 18.5-inches, and has a unique multi-purpose design that you can for transporting laundry and files. This cart has four well-made wheels. It also has a responsive braking system, an easy to assemble design, and a rust and corrosion resistant build that lasts.

2. Versacart Folding Utility Cart

With a unique folding frame and a heavy-duty canvas cover, Versacart is a well-built water resistant utility cart that transports up to 120 pounds whilst in use. It is light, compact, and recommended for use in tight spaces. Its sturdy steel frame is durable. Its dual from wheels ease maneuverability, while its built-in handle eases trotting whether you are transporting light or heavy equipment and or household or office materials. This utility cart is affordable, offers optimal privacy and protection during transit, and is relatively easy to use.

1. Welcom Magna Personal Cart

Welcom Magna is a 150-pound personal cart with a novel folding design that most people consider invaluable. It is light, made of durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum, and a long 39-inch telescoping handle that eases control and maneuverability during transit. It has large storage space, folds compact for easy storage, and is recommended for home, office, and recreational use.

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