Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protectors 2018 Reviews

What are the benefits of installing a screen protector on a new Samsung Galaxy S7? Does it lower the responsiveness of phones and or their overall value over time? If you are contemplating buying and installing a screen protector on your newly acquired Galaxy S7 smartphone and are grappling with these issues, screen protectors are versatile screen accessory that protect phones from damage without impairing the functionality of sensors and or touchscreens. They also improve smartphone aesthetics, lower screen glare in all environments, and keep unsightly fingerprints off your scan to keep it working excellently all the time. The top 10 best models in 2018 are:

10. iCarez

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone that you use for work, browsing, or entertaining regularly? To protect its screen without lowering its sensitivity and or lowering the value of your smartphone, iCarez is a package of three well-built protectors, each with a unique hinge technology that eases installation and removal. All protectors are also non-glare, have hard coated and (3H-4H) and scratchproof designs that offer superior protection, and are manufactured using transparent High Definition (HD) films with a high RETINA display and bubble-free dry application techniques. You also get antibacterial ingredients that protect screen further, perfect cutouts that do not block cameras and or sensors, and a novel anti-UV feature that reduces eyestrain. iCarez has a 100% lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

9. iCroo A –Line

Designed to offer superior screen protection against scratches, dents, and structural damage that most accrue in the event of a fall, iCroo A –Line is a hard 4-H-rated screen protector made of a military-grade material. It is durable, has a dual-layered design (TPU and PET) with an anti-impact and anti-scratch finish, and has an anti-glare feature that eases manipulation of screens. The anti=smudge feature it comes with keeps unsightly fingerprints off, while the HD clear view it offers is impressive. You also get stylish curved edges that fit conveniently in the S7s flat active screen, residue-free installation, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

8. Keeda

A popular 9H-rated screen protector by smartphone owners all over the world, Keeda is a premium and easy to install accessory made of a shock, smudge, and impact-resistant tempered glass. It is durable, offers HD clarity, and has a bubble-free design that will never compromise phone sensors and or the sensitivity of your skin in any way. Even with it on, you will be able to navigate your phone as usual. You will also be able to browse the Internet and or watch movies in HD without experiencing performance issues. This screen protector is affordable, has an advanced oleophobic coating that prevents smudges, and has a lifetime guarantee.

7. Gulito Flycool

Featuring a convenient curved design that installs smoothly on screens, a durable tempered glass body, and accurate cutouts that maintain the functionality sensors and accessories such as front cameras, Gulito Flycool is a valuable accessory that fits the Galaxy S7 excellently. Its thinner (0.2mm) design flexes for easier installation. Its ultra-transparent design is also touch accurate and has an oleophobic and scratch-resistant design rated to 9-H hardness level. With an original model, you also get an affordable, dust-free, and easy to install accessory that will protect your phone from scratches, bumps, and scrapes, an anti-static wet wipe cloth, and a dust removal sticker for easier maintenance.

6. ShockWize

ShockWize is a package of two ballistic screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S7, each made of a durable thin tempered glass. The material is premium, easy to install without smudging and or lowering the integrity or functionality of screens, and has a clear HD-quality design that improves text and video display when browsing or watching movies. It is durable; precision-cut using laser for accuracy; and has a smooth and very easy to install design that does not trap bubbles as some poorly built models. You get a lifetime replacement warranty from the manufacturer.

5. Bastex Premium

By choosing this premium package of Bastex screen protectors, you get five high quality accessories, each with a clear and anti-glare finish that you will enjoy using on an everyday basis. They are also durable; have smudge protectors for fingerprints; and have precisely cut designs that do not require skill to install and or remove. For those with tight budgets and or want to avoid the hefty bills most people grapple with when replacing screens, this pack of protectors is affordable and will protect your phone well.

4. Fenix

By far one of the thinnest (0.26mm) and most recommended in top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 screen protectors 2018 reviews, Fenix is a valuable screen protector with an invisible ultra-high definition made of high-grade tempered glass. It is affordable, durable, and has a touch sensitive design that does not impair functionality of smartphones. Installation is simple, while its anti bubble shield and oleophobic coating shield boot its functionality further. Unlike using your phone’s screens directly, you will not have to worry about smudges, dust or oil damage, and or physical screen damages such as cracks and scratches and you use it every day. You also receive a free microfiber cloth for easier maintenance.

3. SUPERSHIELDZ (3-pack)

Designed specifically for the Galaxy S7, SUPERSHIELDZ is a pack of three matte screen protectors with advanced anti-glare and anti-fingerprint technologies that work well in all conditions. This pack is cheap, backed by a lifetime replacement warranty, and is made of a high-grade Japanese PET film that installs bubble free and does not leave unsightly residues when removed. It is also touch sensitive, has a scratch-resistant coating that maintains phone aesthetics, and come hardened and ready to use.


Offering a 99.99% clear High Definition (HD) display and a light and durable design that installs flush on smartphones, SOJITEK (HD) is a ballistic tempered glass screen protector that works well with the Samsung Galaxy S7. It is durable, made of a smart 9-H film that not only improves touch accuracy, but also has 2D curved edges that install flush on phone screens. You also get a shatterproof design that dampens accidental drops well, glass chip protection, and lifetime replacement warranty.

1. Taken Ultra-Clear

For the best experience indoors and outdoors, this ultra-clear tempered glass screen protector is our pick of the best. It is durable, high definition (HD), and has a drop, bump, scrape, and scratch-resistant design that last long. It also has an oleophobic coating that prevents smudges; has a high transparency surface that improves light penetration for natural viewing, and has an easy to install design with rounded edges that buyers like. Order an original to qualify for a 100% lifetime replacement warranty.

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