Top 10 Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers 2018 Reviews

The Xbox 360 is a novel gaming station best liked for its advanced processing engine and stellar graphics. It is also durable, offers an interesting high-definition (HD) gaming experience, and is compatible with several types of games, both modern and traditional. Most models of the Xbox 360 come with wired gaming pads designed for heavy-duty gaming. While most work well for sports, fast person shooter and strategic gaming enthusiasts, they often clutter spaces and require players to stay closer to their gaming consoles, which lowers their experience over time. To solve such problems without sacrificing performance, the 10 best wireless controllers to buy are:

10. Premium Controllerz Modded Controller

Considered among the best Xbox 360 controllers in the market, this Modded controller by Premium Controllerz starts our review of the best Xbox controllers in 2018. It is professional-grade, has an advanced 27-mode design ideal for fast-action gaming, and has a light and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hands for better control and performance. It has a powerful Rapid Fire wireless technology that connects reliably to all networks. Its built-in D-pad is innovative, while its well-designed thumb sticks glide smoothly when in use to improve speed and performance. You also get four firing modes (auto aim, burst, caffeine freak, and quickscope; blue LED that light up and induce a soothing and relaxing feel in gaming areas, and a sturdy plastic construction.

9. Microsoft Xbox 360 Chrome Series Wireless Controller

With the diversity of wireless Xbox controllers in the market, choosing the best remains an arduous task, particularly to novice shoppers. If you are part of this group and want a valuable wireless Xbox 360 pad on a budget, this Chrome series of Microsoft’s Xbox line of gaming console is a recommended accessory. It is purple-themed, has a powerful wireless technology that synchronizes with the Xbox 360 instantaneously, and a durable, smooth-finished design that works well for individuals of various skill levels. This controller features a high-performance D-pad. You also get textured joysticks that will never slip under pressure, a vibration tab, and an impact-resistant build.

8. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

To get value on a budget, choose this wireless controller by Microsoft. It has an advanced budget accessory with an angelic white theme. It is also durable, synchronizes with the Xbox 360 almost instantaneously, and has a high quality plastic build that does not irritate the hands nor lower the experience of video gamers in any way. With an original model, therefore, you will be able to do intricate moves without sacrificing accuracy and or response time and users of most poorly built Xbox controllers often do. You also get durable joysticks, a well-made D-pad, and reliable wireless technology.

7. Date Xbox 360 Turbo Fire 2 Wireless Controller

Date Turbo fire 2 is an advanced, fully featured Xbox 360 controller with two premium-grade rumble motors that make gaming fun. It has a programmable rapid-fire system, blue LED lights that illuminate whenever you activate the system, and a simple dual AA battery-powered system that makes its one of the most reliable controllers in its class. This controller’s sturdy build using high-grade plastic is durable. It has smooth contours, lacks physical irritants, and comes with an integrated headset port that works perfect with Xbox play. It is also affordable and does not require wires, transmitters, or dongles to work.

6. Microsoft Xbox 360 Chrome Series Limited Edition Wireless Controller

For those shopping for controllers for Xbox, and looking for characterful and well-designed accessory that works as good as it looks, this fiery red limited edition of Microsoft’s Chrome Series of controllers is a valuable accessory. It is durable, has two responsive thumb sticks, and an eight-way D-pad that offers value for money. The 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity it generates connects fast and reliably with the Xbox 360, while its ergonomic 9-inch by 3-inch by 7-inch design is comfortable and ideal for everyday gaming. This controller vibrates. It supports force feedback and has an integrated headset port that works well.

5. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Gold Chrome)

With a stylish gold chrome theme, this wireless Xbox controller by Microsoft is a valuable high-performance accessory that outmatches its competition is several ways. In terms of aesthetics, for instance, it outmatches the drab, neutral black and white accessories common in the market. It also works well, features a handy D-pad and a solid plastic build that does not irritate hands nor lower the performance of users. Designed for precise control, you will perform better with this one of a kind controller. Its buttons and joysticks work well. Its affordability is invaluable, while its reliable wireless adapter is ideal for everyday game-play.

4. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows & Xbox 360

Designed for use with the Xbox 360 console and Windows-based computers, Microsoft Wireless Controller is a durable and multi-functional accessory, fitted with a powerful 2.4GHz wireless adapter. It is easy to use, responsive up to 30 feet, and has a well-designed vibration engine that gets you in the action while playing fast-action games. You also get precise thumb sticks, an eight-way directional pad, and two pressure-point triggers for a realistic gaming experience. This pad is affordable and ideal for personal and competitive use.

3. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Black)

Renowned in top 10 Xbox 360 wireless controller 2018 reviews, Microsoft Xbox 360 controller is a dark-themed 2.4 GHz gaming accessory with an impressive response range of approximately 30 feet. It has a durable battery life, right and left shoulder buttons that ease usage, and adjustable vibration feedback that guarantees a realistic gaming experience. You also get an integrated headset port and a handy Play and Charge kit for uninterrupted game-play.

2. Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows and Xbox 360

Do you own an Xbox 360 gaming console? Are you looking to play worry-free at the comfort of your home? This wired controller for Xbox 360 and Windows will serve you well. It is ergonomic, manufactured using heavy-duty plastic, and has vibration feedback that guarantees a riveting gaming experience. As most Microsoft controllers, this model has an eight-way directional pad. It also has two pressure point triggers, comfortable buttons, and a powered USB port.

1. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Glossy Black)

Top on our list, this glossy black Microsoft controller is a powerful gaming pad with a reliable 2.4GHz wireless system with a 30-foot range, 2 AA battery-powered system, and an adjustable vibration feedback that offers value. It also has an integrated headphone port and a sleek and ergonomic design.

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