Top 8 Best Cell Phone Wi-Fi Signal Booster for Home 2018 Reviews

Have you ever missed an important call at home or had trouble accessing the Internet via your mobile phone because of poor network issues? Are you looking for an affordable and viable solution to the problem? If you have a few dollars to spend, consider purchasing one of the 8 cell phone Wi-Fi signal boosters reviewed herein. They are affordable; durable, and have advanced technologies that boost several types of cell phone signals well. They are also easy to setup, easy to use, and recommended for use in home environments.

8. Dr Tech Cell Phone Wireless Signal Booster

Starting our review of the best signal boosters in the market, Dr Tech is an advanced cell phone user, designed to boost 2G, 3G, and 4G cell phone signals. It works at a frequency range of between 1700-2100MHz, ideal for boosting single band and CDMA LTE networks, and has a simple yet effective system that is easy to install and use. This signal booster is durable. It offers greater indoor coverage (marginal field above -75dBm) once installed, and has an advanced ALC that generates an adjustable and stable output void of interference to BTE. An original model will improve how you user your phone.

7. Wilson Electronics Mobile Booster Kit

Do you live in an area with persistent network issues? Do you travel to remote areas often and want stay reachable in the event of an emergency? This Mobile Wireless Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit by Wilson Electronics will never disappoint you. It is durable, affordable, and has an advanced Power Control Logic that guarantees maximum power. Its supports simultaneous use of multiple phones and data cards, extends signal range for both data and voice, and supports several networks and 3D data protocols including AMPS, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, EDGE, EVDO, and HSDPA. This booster kit’s plug and play design is easy to install and use and has a maximum power output of 3-watts.

6. Amped Wireless SB1000

A sought-after product in this niche, Amped Wireless SB1000 is a high power 1000mW cell phone WiFi signal booster recommended for home and office use. It is durable, FCC-certified, and has a powerful system with detachable antennas that ease usage in space confined areas. Amped Wireless SB1000 has a multi-directional signal booster. It is plug and play, does not need third party accessories to work, and has 20 times the power of standard models.

5. Wilson Electronics DT

Designed for use in both small homes and offices, Wilson Electronics DT is a compact yet powerful cell phone signal booster that supports GSM, TDMA, AMPS, and CDMA cell phone technologies. It is durable, generates stronger signals indoors, and comes with compatible mounting hardware that eases installation and usage. With it, therefore, your will experience little or no lost connections or dropped calls. You will also experience faster downloads, enjoy clearer voice calls, and thus, prolong the battery life of your cell phone.

4. Cisco AT&T Microcell

Cisco AT&T Microcell is an advanced cell phone signal booster with an advanced tower antenna design that works well with all LTE, 4G, and 3G mobile phones, blackberry, Windows phones, Android phones, and iPhone. It is easy to setup, works well in home and office environments with Internet connection, and has clear status indicators for GPS signals, cell signals, power, and internet connection. This booster is durable and attainable cheap online.

3. Wilson Electronics DB Pro

Favored in top 8 best cell phone WiFi signal booster for home 2018 reviews, Wilson Electronics DB Pro is a professional-grade whole-house cellular signal booster kit that greatly increases the signal status of cell phones indoors. It also boosts voice clarity and data speeds, prolongs the battery life of devices, and has an easy to install plug and play design that users consider invaluable. Wilson Electronics DB Pro works with all Canadian and US providers; has a 100% money back guarantee, and a 1-year limited warranty.

2. Wilson Electronics 460106 Sleek

Wilson Electronics 460106 Sleek is an aesthetic and functional cell phone signal booster for cars that also works well in homes and offices. It is durable, extends cellular signal range significantly, and has a compact and easy to install design that most users find invaluable. With it, therefore, you will enjoy clearer calls, faster download speeds, and few lost or dropped connections.

1. zBoost ZB545 SOHO

Considered among the best in this niche, zBoost ZB545 SOHO is a well-made dual signal booster for offices and homes that offers up to 2500 square feet of coverage whilst in use. It is durable, offers cellular coverage for multiple devices simultaneously, and works well with all major cell phone carriers at a frequency range of between 800 and 1900 MHz. zBoost ZB545 SOHO omnidirectional design offers 360-degree coverage. It works indoors and outdoors and has the unique ability to prolong the battery life of cell phones.

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