Top 8 Best Kitchen Vent Hoods 2018 Reviews

Kitchen vents are beneficial household accessories that help to keep the air in kitchens clean. They sift out smoke, dust, and other contaminants well. They also eliminate food odors that often build up in kitchens after every cooking escapade, regulate the internal temperature in kitchens and homes in general by wicking out excess heat, and have efficient lighting systems that illuminate and improve visibility in cooking areas for better and cooking results. This, however, does not mean that all models in the market work the same. For best results, our pick of the eight best vent hoods to install include:

8. AKDY Kitchen Vent Range Hood

Are you shopping for a new kitchen vent hood to install in your kitchen? Do you want a large and well-built model that will clean the air and regulate the temperature in your home without costing you a fortune? This range hood by AKDY is a large 48-inch accessory with a unique wall mounting design that installs flush in homes. It is super quiet (generates 760 CFM maximum), made of a durable, aesthetic, and low maintenance stainless steel material, and has a large touchscreen control panel and display that eases setup and usage. You get four stainless steel baffle filters and a three-year parts warranty.

7. AKDY Under-Cabinet Cooking Vent Range Hood

AKBY Under-Cabinet is a large 54-inch cooking vent range hood made of durable, aesthetic, and low maintenance stainless steel. It is easy to install, has a unique 1400 CFM system, and a well-designed touch screen panel and display that eases usage. This cooking vent is powerful. It has a range of well-made filters that eliminate dust and odors to purify the kitchen environment. It also regulates heat, has an advanced 1400 CFM system, and a unique under cabinet design that works well. You get a three-year parts warranty for it.

6. Golden Vantage Range Hood

Recommended for use in both traditional and contemporary-styled kitchens, Golden Vantage is a professional-grade 36-inch range hood, with a unique wall mountable design that saves valuable kitchen space. It is easy to install, has efficient baffle filters, and a powerful 760 CFM system that purifies are well for an enjoyable cooking and kitchen-dining experience. It has a sturdy stainless steel build. Its low maintenance design is innovative, while its novel push button controls and LED display ease customization and use. With each purchase, you get three baffle filters and a three-year limited parts warranty.

5. AKDY Island Mount Kitchen Range Hood

Do you have an island in your kitchen? Are you shopping for an island-compatible kitchen range hood that will serve you well for years? AKDY Island Mount is a well-made 870 CFM range hood that will never disappoint you. It is powerful, very easy to install and use, and has a fanned vent that not only eliminates smoke and odor, but also regulates the temperature in kitchens. This hood measures paltry 35.4-inches. It is contemporary looking, has four bright 1.5-watt LED light that illuminate cooking areas well, and a one-piece multi-layer filtration system made of quality aluminum. With each purchase, AKDY offers a three-year limited parts warranty for this innovative hood.

4. FIREBIRD New European Style Wall Mount Hood Vent

This new model of the renowned FIREBIRD line of hood vent is an advanced, European Style kitchen hood with an easy to install wall-mounting design. It has push button controls, an aesthetic and low maintenance stainless steel build, and an ultra-quiet 65dB system that generates approximately 760 CFM airflow for a faster cleaning experience. This hood is cheap, has a removable and dishwasher friendly filter, and offers options for ductless and duct usage.

3. Kitchen Bath Collection Wall-Mounted Stainless Steel Range Hood

A renowned product in top 8 best kitchen vent hoods 2018 reviews, this range hood by Kitchen Bath Collection is a compact 30-inch kitchen accessory made of durable stainless steel. It is durable, supports ventless operation, and has a high-end LED lights that illuminate kitchen spaces up to three times brighter than most traditional accessories. You also get a responsive touch pane, a touchscreen control panel, and a three-piece height-adjustable system capable of ventless operation without installing an additional kit.

2. AKDY 30-Inch AZ63175S Range Hood

AKDY AZ63175S is a 30-inch range hood made of durable stainless steel. It is wall mountable, fitted with a responsive touch panel, and generates a powerful 760 CFM airflow that cleans the kitchen environment well. It is easy to install, has durable anodized aluminum filters, and a stylish brushed finish.

1. Broan 413004 Economy Range Hood

Top on our list, Broan 413004 is an economy range hood for kitchens that works better than larger models in the market. It is stainless steel, non-dusted, and has a novel two-speed system that works fast and efficiently. You also get high performance charcoal filters, 75-watt cook-top lighting, and a protective lamp lens that distributes light evenly. Broan 413004 is ADA-compliant.

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